Creative creations!

I’m incredibly sorry that I haven’t updated in moths but I’ve had a family emergency and have had to travel away from home and my craft supplies 😥

In previous blog posts you may have read about the crochet Satellite reef – well it opened on the 13th of may and unfortunately for me I was unable to be there for the opening.

Needless to say I was upset as I had spent the same amount of time it takes to incubate a baby in your body…. (9 months) on the project. But I do have some pictures I can share with you.

I am still hoping to get some more soon – these have been sent to me from friends as I wont be able to see the instillation in the art gallery.

See if you can find any little sea creatures among the coral.

In the first pic the tall yellow cone-ish shape is one of my creations so is the second pic its kind of like a volcanic vent with bits of larva and such – not really coral I know but after seen that everyone was making mostly small things we needed some more sculptural pieces.

In the 3rd on the far side you can see part of the lists of names of the people who worked on the project.

So here are a few pics (wish I could share more and had more)

enjoy 🙂




reef24  .

Well Seeing as I don’t have reliable internet access or any of my video equipment I’m afraid to say that I wont be able to reliably update my blog posts or youtube videos with crochet tutorials or what I’ve been working on.

I’ve actually had 2 friends have babies, one is in the Northern Territory in Australia and it doesn’t get cold there in winder so I couldn’t crochet anything for little Onna so I ended up switching back to cross stitch and doing a birth sampler for both babies and am still working on the Brighton blanket (Free on Revelry) for little Layla.

Brighton Blanket is in US terms but you can leave a comment below or email me at (Itry to check once a week) and I can help you with a translation for personal use.

Here is the link for the Blanket –

The pattern sounds tricky in the beginning so make sure you read it a few times!! The pattern says to use 11 colours… Um NO – I’m using 3 I strongly suggest you use a scrap yarn to practice the pattern exactly as it says with all the colour changes before trying it with your chosen colours.

I think its such a beautiful blanket that I might try to do a blog post on it of its own.

So until then –

Up, up, up and CROCHET!

Stay well everyone.


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