Many, many projects!!

I know, I know I’ve been lax again in updating… but I have an excuse!! A good one I promise!! I even have a picture!

I’ve mentioned in my videos that I’ve been working on the hyperbolic reef at my local art gallery with a bunch of other crochet and knitters and there are some really amazing and talented ppl!! We’ve got a lot of sitting pieces but we need a few hanging pieces so I’ve been trying to come up with something… which has been…. lets say fun πŸ™‚

I’m currently working on 2 pieces at the moment both with mixed media – one is with cassette tapes and yarn and the other is with plarn (plastic bag yarn) cassette tapes and possibly yarn. the other is shaped like a really odd shaped witch or wizards hat bent, leaning to the side and 60cm (2ft) tall.

Coral piece, with Christmas card collage in background.
Coral piece, with Christmas card collage in background.

And another piece that is worked in 3 pieces. The main stem is a cardboard roll wrapped with the fury yarn (can’t remember name or brand of yarn).

3 piece standing coral.
3 piece standing coral.

I’m currently working on a hanging piece that kind of reminds me of a jelly fish and a sort of odd shaped hollow tube (kind of like a hollow log). I don’t have any photos of those at the moment but will take some shortly when I’ve got some more structure to them and more of an idea of what I want them to look like.

Since I meant to post this 2 days ago but got side tracked by trying to finish my coral thingy I’ll finish the post here even though it feels only half finished… I can always add updates soon.


I have found some really awesome free patterns that I am able to share with you – they are in the public domain, that will be another video and post though, so I will give you the link then. The patterns are in US terms though so I will have a link to the pdf of translated to AUST/UK/EU terms. When I put up the patterns – I’ve been looking at making some Snoods – really cool vintage hair holder upperas, sort of a beanie/hairnet but cooler and prettier. It’s the end of summer where I am so I’m surprised I haven’t made any before now.

Check them out on google for a better look and idea. πŸ™‚

I’m going to leave my post half finished here and sing off with my usual –

Up, up and CROCHET!!

Stay well everyone πŸ™‚


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