The Half Treble Crochet with Increases and Decreases

While I’ve got a little spare time… (spare time – whats that? you say) I’ll actually do a post on the Half Treble crochet (HTrc)

I said in the video that the HTrc is a great stitch to have in your stitch library and it really is! If your working on a beanie it works up really quick. The HTrc not only works up quick but it also has a little stretch in the fabric that is still warm but is still breathable for a summer slouchy beanie. I use the HTrc for simple winter headbands alot – it also makes a great band on a loose beanie/hat to keep long hair out of the way.

No pictures of the HTrc in projects atm – except in the video (I forget to take pic of projects before I give them away)

I’ll put in the youtube link again  and also another pictorial below that.

Youtube –

Here are some links to some of my other places –

Google+ – Crochet connections – (there are some really cool crochet communities)


Ravelry (I don’t currently have anything up atm – I’m still waiting for patterns to be edited)

Onto the Pictorial-

Making a Half Treble crochet (abbreviated HTrc)
The half treble crochet comes halfway between a Double crochet and a Treble crochet in height.

Pictures are above the written instructions.

Make a foundation chain one chain more than the number of half double crochet stitches called for. Skip first 2 chain stitches (will count as the turning chain). Yarn over hook once, insert hook from front to back in the center of the third chain from the hook.

Yarn over, draw the yarn through the chain (3 loops on hook).

Yarn over, draw through 3 loops on hook (one half double crochet complete).

Yarn over, insert hook in the center of next chain, yarn over, draw yarn through stitch, yarn over, draw yarn through 3 loops on hook. Repeat across to end of foundation chain.

To begin the second row, turn your work. Chain two for the turning chain.

Skip the first half treble crochet below the turning chain. Yarn over, insert hook from front to back under the top 2 loops of the next half treble crochet in the row below, yarn over, draw yarn through stitch, yarn over, draw yarn through 3 loops on hook (first half treble crochet complete). Repeat this step in each half treble crochet across and in the top of the turning chain at the end of the row.

DISCLAIMER – ** These instructions have been edited from US terms from the Lion Brand Learning Center webpage **

I did have all the stitches explained as above in Aust/UK./Eu terms but somehow lost the file

I hope to be filming the Treble crochet stitch video soon, am trying to find a few of my previous projects as examples for the video… think I’ve given most of them away 🙂

So until the next video …

Up, up, and CROCHET!!

Stay well everyone.


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