Viedos, uploads and slackness

Okay so the last few days haven’t exactly been great ones for me technology wise – every time I’d try and film the next learn to/ how to video the fire alarm in the building next door would go off, or a car alarm in the caravan park near by then my camera battery …

And to top it off when my battery started playing up it wasn’t saving my videos properly so they wouldn’t play on the computer OR the camera – Whats up with that!!

So I decided each time that I could have done that part a little better and blabbed a little too much there ect so I managed to cut back all that and learn for the next video. The last time I filmed I though “I got it!!” then loaded it up on the computer and all the videos worked YAY!!

So I started on the editing got about halfway through the 2nd video and my computer shuts down! And you guessed it I lost EVERYTHING! So this is like over 4 days and I was about ready to give up. I just turned on my computer reloaded the files into the editing program then went and had a nap!!

So I came back a few hours later and set to it and am just finishing up doing the subtitles! got a few bits and pieces to cut out then the huge amount of hours it takes to save and upload to youtube.

So I’m guessing another 2 or so days before I manage to get the video up then I’m going to start writing up the pattern for Initialed beanie in the video – I haven’t forgotten about the granny square bag its just a bit of a task for me to write up and I’ll have to get a friend to proof it for me *sighs* making a mountain out of a smallish molehill…

You can check out the pic of the Beanie in the video in my Instagram pictures its the blue one with the ‘N’  🙂

Its worked mostly in Half Treble Crochet with some Double Crochet and a small half puff stitch. Which I will explain in a later post.

I haven’t figured out how to post attachments to this site – or if I can so after I’ve written up the pattern I’ll add the the Ravely link where you will be able to download it for free. I’m calling it The Nixon Beanie.

And thats about it 🙂

Once again I’m sticking with my usual parting

Up, up and CROCHET!!


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