Welcome to Crochet Connections


This is the blog that will run along side the youtube account for Crochet Connections so if you have any detailed questions this is the place to ask!

My aim is to provide easy to follow videos with simple instructions using Eu/Au crochet terms as I’ve noticed that there are alot of blog on the internet that cater to US terms but not so much Eu/Au.

I hope to be bale to find new and interesting patterns to make videos and pictorial tutorials on.

I have a talent for crochet – not so much for words … I try to explain things as I would physically do them – sounds silly me saying it but if you have ever tried to read a crochet pattern and given up because it simply wasn’t clear enough? That’s where I come in and try and simplify it.

This will be a learning experience for both you and me as I learn how to best use my video editing software and get the best out of my camera.

So stick with me and hopefully this wont be too much of a bumpy ride.


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